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Moose at Home

Philosopher - Beer Lover - Arts Geek

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Bob Bruhin
In addition to 20 years experience in the software development industry, Bob serves on boards of several arts and social organizations. In 1999, Bob was instrumental in founding Delaware Valley Pagan Network, Inc. (DVPN), a 501(c)(3) recognized nonprofit Pagan community center initiative. Bob served as DVPN's Board President from 1999 until 2004, when he stepped down to focus more on his growing role as Development Director for the organization. Since 2001 Bob has served as Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Pagan Pride Project, Inc., where he coordinates 17 annual Pride events in six states and the District of Columbia. From 2000 until 2004 he was Technology Officer of Astral Wilderness, LLC, an Internet-based art gallery. In 2003 Bob accepted the position of Administrator of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe, an annual local, national, and international performing arts festival held in Philadelphia, PA. Currently Bob is applying all of this diverse experience toward the foundation of DVPN's new Pagan Arts Initiative (PAI). PAI is part of DVPN, but it’s also a way to reach out to the wider community: In addition to promoting Pagan artisans, craftspeople, and performers, the PAI will also include non-Pagan artists who work with classical and emerging neo-pagan themes.

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